Custom Fabrication

We have a saying in the shop: anything is possible.  We can find a way to build solutions to mechanical problems of any scope.  If you have something you dreamt up and would like to know what it will take to make it a reality, shoot us an email or phone call.  As much as we enjoy making quality parts that make cars faster, we enjoy coming up with NEW parts even more!

Custom Fabrication, $105/hour

Some of the projects we've taken on, and the project cost:

Custom Crank Pulley:  Made from OEM pulley. exchange $300+ . 

Custom brake rotor hats $225 most sizes

Custom brake rotors $125+ per quote

Custom Caliper brackets $225 most sizes

Knuckle/Hub Conversion: Converting a weak 4x100 hub to a 5x114.5 hub utilizing a much larger bearing and allowing for a strong axle. $600/pair, $1000/front and rear 2WD

This particular conversion was a first-generation MR2 converted to utilize the 1MZ-FE 3.0L V6 from a newer Camry.  Allows use of the Camry axles and hubs.