NSX Motor Modifications

Motor Mounts: Hardened Urethane Reduces motor movement while still reducing vibration

Front motor mount $80 exchange
Rear transmission mount $80 exchange

Kit, DIY: for either location, 2 plates and 2 spacer rings(you supply urethane) $20 each

Oil Pan:
Baffle plate only  $30
Baffle plate installed in your pan ($250 deposit or exchange) $120, includes stripping

Fittings installed, (1/2 NPT, 3/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, AN-12,10,8, or 6)  $45 per
Powdercoat finish, pan only  $40
Gun coating(Teflon)  $75

Accusump Oil Cooler Banjo Bolt: Connects Accusump into the top of the stock oil filter bracket.  AN-10, 12 fitting, 1/2" NPT, 5/8” barbed  
New $150
Exchange $125

Accusump, 3 qt., electric valve, clamps $365
Accusump, 3 qt., EPC 55-60 psi.  electric valve, clamps` $460
AN-10 SS lines and fittings $150
AN-10 SS lines and fittings, bulkhead for in trunk $220
Rubber lines and fittings $90
Fire sleeve $12/foot

Oil Bypass Block off plate: AN-12 fittings, 1/2"NPT Accusump fitting $350

Timing Belt Tensioner: rigid adjustment that will not slip! $245
This timing belt tensioner uses a rod end to set the adjustment so the timing belt cannot come out of adjustment, perfect for high output and high RPM motors.  A must have for FI applications or aftermarket cams

Blow-by Catch Can:
Valve cover mod $170
Catch can $90
AN-8 SS line and fittings $235
Rubber lines and fittings $160

True Tension Supercharger belt tensioner: Maintains belt tension during acceleration and at high RPM.  Replaces CT spring loaded supercharger belt tensioner black $90

Harmonic Balancer Shield:  Steel plate, nickel finish
Over the past few years there has been a rash of NSX Harmonic Dampers delaminating, the balancing weight separates form the back of the damper body and cuts through the timing belt cover, into the timing belt.  This can happen so quickly you won't have time to figure out what that 'funny noise?' is before the timing belt skips a tooth and your pistons are smacking your valves, destroying your motor.  The Cedar Ridge Fabrication Harmonic Damper Shield is a simple steel plate(122 grams) which keys into the stock timing belt cover, with 2 chrome-moly legs and socket head cap screws securing it in place.  The shield will take the initial impact when the balancing weight separates form the back of the damper body, keeping your timing belt cover safe and giving you more time to pull over and save your motor!

Heavy Duty $80

Light Weight $100